The students learn how to decode every word exactly the same way by UNITS, as illustrated below. With this approach, they know immediately when they hit an "exception" because they will come up with a "nonsense" word when decoding words only with the Reliable Phonics Facts. They make a squiggle next to an "exception" to set it clearly apart, as in the word "have" below. How do they handle it? They simply twist the mispronunciation of the word into the meaningful context of the sentence (Ex. How many crayons do you hayv?) or (if necessary) they look up the phonetic respelling in the dictionary (hav) :

At Last! is the ONLY reading method that provides the students with a "simplified" UNIFORM APPROACH (a COMPASS) to decode EVERY word rather than leaving them dangling, trying to figure out how to apply their phonics skills to words. The UNIFORM APPROACH totally ELIMINATES the painful hesitation and confusion experienced by students when they are constantly faced with the problem — "What SOUND does that have this time — or is it a SIGHT word?" With the UNIFORM APPROACH, you avoid ALL of the nitty-gritty which causes failure and reading becomes EASY to teach and EASY to learn — and EVERY child will succeed!

... and there's more!

Test Your Technique

Comprehension Techniques

Accelerated Procedure for Independent Decoding

Special Bonus: Our On-Line Reading Teacher Message Board hosted by the author provides you with professional guidance to help keep you and your students on track at all times.

A MUST resource!
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