** LIVE ** Startup Training Session - includes free books

** LIVE ** Startup Training Session - includes free books

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Have you heard wonderful things about this global reading method? Are you short on time or do not care to read the manual? Signup for a ** LIVE ** one-on-one tutoring session with one of our qualified trainers that will walk you through the process in under an hour, leaving time for questions.

One-on-one session includes:

  • At Last! A Reading Method for EVERY Child!
  • Pre-Primer I
  • Super Seatwork: Content Areas workbook to reinforce skills.

The books alone are worth over $50. If you signup before summer, we will throw in a 15-minute post-consultation checkup session.

Join us and get a quick start on your reading progress.

This method was created in the 70s and is currently used globally to teach reading to all types of readers.

Mary Pecci, M.Ed, dedicated her life to teaching every willing person how to read. Her method phonetically breaks down the English language to make sense to all types of readers: complex, learning disabilities, adults, children, etc.

This consultation will ensure success!   Sign-up today.