A Rescue from Illiteracy: (at San Quentin Prison) now available for pre-order

Mary's final book detailing her time tackling illiteracy at San Quentin Prison is now available for pre-order on Amazon to be released worldwide April 2nd.

During the last six months I worked with Mary's publishers & book designers to bring this book to life. The story exudes with Mary's passion to make a difference through reading. She enters San Quentin, takes on two inmates, and spends a year freely sharing her gift.

I loved getting to know Mary on a deeper level. The most 'Aha' moment for me was how she related illiteracy to crime. "Clay" felt compelled to carry a gun in order to protect his money. Writing a check or using bank services was not a skill he could master with his current educational level. Even though he had a high school diploma from California, he could not read at all. Mary details the ups and downs of making real change in his life along with the major issues of our current system.

A Rescue from Illiteracy