Pecci Reading Series

What Makes These Beginning Readers Different?


There is a word-for-word dialogue between Teacher and Student in the back of each reader to introduce every word in the book with Simplified, yet Intensive Phonics.  This will make teaching as easy as possible.

How Does it Work?

Only the RELIABLE Phonics Facts are taught: Only ONE sound is taught for each letter or letter-combination -- and NO exceptions.  As a result, students have an IMMEDIATE RESPONSE to each letter or letter-combination because only ONE sound is known.  Years of research "on the firing line" have gone into uncovering the RELIABLE Phonics Facts - which cover about 90% of the information needed to decode words.  When the students have this "90%" of RELIABLE Phonics Facts at the fingertips, they can easily handle that small per cent of exceptions on their own!

At Last! STOPS reading problems BEFORE they start by introducing PRE-REQUISITE SKILLS before even one single word is introduced.

Pre-Requisite Skills

Alphabet - Sing-A-Long, Find-It-Yourself.

Basic Phonics - Find-It-Yourself (Consonants, Digraphs, Vowels)

All of the Reliable Phonics Facts are placed in clear-cut CATEGORIES so that the students know at all times exactly what they're dealing with and how to handle it.  Ex. The consonants are divided into "Good Guys" (sounds that resemble their letter names) and "Tough Guys" (sounds that don't resemble their letter names).  The "Find-It-Yourself" charts develop independence

You SEE it, you HEAR it, you SAY it, you WRITE it -- you KNOW it!

All skills are reinforced with fun and games -- which keep the students coming back for more.

Daily Practice

All Phonics Skills are reviewed DAILY with the 5-minute, Clap-it-Out, Flashcard Review - which insures success!  With this Phonics ammunition "at their fingertips" the students are ready to apply it to the words in the Literature-Based Readers.