The Importance of Literacy

The recent events in the United States have highlighted the continued dire need to raise global literacy. Every person must have the ability to make their own decisions in order to move forward. The United States Constitution was written with the intention of the general public being able to read, understand, and apply this living document. If we are raising inadequate readers, what is the result?

Mary F. Pecci, M.A. spent her life creating an ingenious method to learn reading. She knocked down the doors of institutions to incorporate her methods. Over 50 years she tested the method on every learning disability, reading level, and age with great success. In fact, she was adamant that the success was 100%.

For the next few months when you order the At Last! A Reading Method for EVERY Child! New Simplified Edition manual we will include the first pre-primer reader for FREE! Kids love these books and will gravitate towards learning to read the "right-way".

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Caroline Burns

CEO, Pecci Educational Publishers