The Power of Words

As Mary Pecci's niece, I am humbled and excited to take on the role of raising global literacy that Mary so graciously laid out before us. I am dedicated to carrying on the legacy and passion infused into the Pecci Reading Series.

Today, I want to share an endearing story about Mary. She never boasted about her achievements but, as her niece, I can brag!

Mary was a lover of words. She had a foot high dictionary on her desk with those semi-round finger indents to access letter beginnings. I regret not keeping this book for my children.

Upon high school graduation, she intended to goto college. Her mother, my grandma, discouraged Mary from pursing a higher education as she wanted her to get married and have children. Mary, not happy with this plan and disgruntled with being a secretary, applied to Boston University.

Her first application was rejected. Dismayed, Mary decided to take matters into her own hands. She memorized a booklet given to incoming college freshman students containing hundreds or even possibly thousands of words. (The tale passed around was that she memorized an entire dictionary). Next, she demanded a meeting with the Dean of Admissions at Boston University. The Dean decided to play along and quiz her on the plethora of words, definitions, and pronunciations. After completely impressing him Mary was admitted to the college and off and running! She went on to get her Bachelors and Masters of Education.

I challenge anyone out there to even memorize the first page of the dictionary!

Now, why is this important? In order for her to create this incredible method she had to have a natural talent to understand and relate to the english language on a higher level. She actively pursued sharing her method with every type of willing reader: adults, children, ESL, and learning disabilities. Thank goodness for that talent and her gift to humanity.